Friday, June 9, 2017

Pure, Fuse and Burn a Dystopian Trilogy

I have a difficult time believing that people have not read this trilogy. I read it last year, but am thinking of reading it again. Julianna Baggot was inspired by some of the writings of those who lived through the bombing of Hiroshima.

Anytime I read a book that causes me to look into history or inspires me to learn more about something it is a win. 

Pure refers to the people who were spared the results of being exposed to a nuclear explosion. Fuse refers to what has happened to people when they were connected to something when the bombs dropped. Burn refers to another element of this catastrophic event. 

Courage, and creative innovation spur those who have been caught in the wake of this event to survive. I found this series riveting. 

The website for Julianna Baggot has information about an upcoming movie in the works for the trilogy. They also have a pretty good book trailer to whet your appetite for a good read.